Why Choose Us?

There’s a ton of competition in real estate. Example – driving to office most days (depending on route) I pass a sign at a coffee shop parking lot “Danger: Realtor in the Area”. Well, at least some people can have fun with the reality!

Everyone knows someone who is a Realtor. But here’s the truth – only about 10% of all licensed agents do any business at all in a given year; and 87% who become licensed are out of the business within their first two years.

As our founder and Chairman of Keller Williams has always said, “This business is fairly simple, but definitely not easy.”

So why choose CoachCRealty.com? Here are answers:

We are full-time professionals who are:

  • Connected to our clients and our prospects with state-of-the-art tools – and common sense. Hundreds of our contacts know us personally – either from current or past business, or from valuable advice we offer freely
  • Partnered with outstanding experts including a Transaction Team who handle all our clients’ transaction details and paperwork from initial offer through closing
  • Advised by an in-house real estate attorney – you may choose your own, but we have a great one that we offer to you.
  • Supported by our brokerage’s more than 200 agents who are a great network for finding buyers for your home. Our brokerage is involved in half of all residential property sold in our area. And this includes commercial and rental experts too
  • Powered by a team of home service experts – from insurance to roofing, repairs, cleaning, and more
  • Dedicated to continuous learning – our company culture is built on discovering and sharing with one another the best practices of the most successful people in our business.

With us, there’s even more for you. So when you need to talk about buying or selling real estate, or you know someone who’s considering it (no matter where they are located) – contact us. It’s the smart move. Make it easy in yourself.

We will coach you through your real estate business!


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