Here’s to Leadership

Finding and working with a great leader in our business is like discovering gold!

Why? It’s hard to find, but when you do it shines and glitters with value, Leadership inspires!

What a true leader does every day rewards their clients and teammates in big ways, As a teammate of a great leader let me count just some of the biggest:

  • They build a weekly (or daily) activity model of how they spend their time – what they actually do, not what they plan or hope to do – to show accountability, and to help others follow their footsteps
  • Hold weekly meetings with their team mates – to be sure everyone knows what’s happening in the business, both the wins and the opportunities for improvement. This includes revenue and budgeting reports so all understand what money comes in and goes out
  • Provide space to work that is so valuable in supporting focused effort on the business
  • Fund tools to promote and facilitate the work of the team – cards, fliers, door hangers, signs and much more, This can also mean the latest tech tools that both speed up client service and can be sold to other agents to create a new extra revenue stream
  • Take and promote continuing educational opportunities – a core strength of Keller Williams including programs like Ignite (learning what do do to build a business) and BOLD (learning how to lead generate and what to say in a host of situations critical to business success)
  • Advocating licensing for new talented people who are just getting started – promoting them to become earning partners

Through all of this, and much more, a great leader encourages and supports growth – and the effort required to set and achieve big goals for all of us!


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