Re-Energizing My Engine

Boom! I just witnessed an energy explosion!

I’ve been listening my way (along with tens of thousands of others around the world) through Keller Williams Mega Camp. It runs 4 days. It all had to be reprogrammed in recent weeks because if the re-emergence of Covid risk around the USA and elsewhere. The team at KWRI (I was once one of them) did an incredible job on short notice to go “all virtual” with the event!

Mega Camp is the semi annual learning event the company has run for years in parallel with their Family Reunion event. It’s an opportunity to hear from not only the top leaders in KW but also many agent leaders around the world. Its a massive collaboration — a great expression of what KW has become.

I donned headphones and gazed into my laptop for hours, taking it all in — and creating 30 pages of notes. I’ll be using those notes to inform classes I create and improve for agents in my New Bern, NC Market Center — and to inspire me as a leader, as KW continues to re-invent itself.

The energy Mega Camp generates injects itself into people in every region of the US and Canada, and in dozens of additional company Regions around the world. We heard success stories and improvement ideas from real estate agents in India, Mexico, and Japan — cities and small towns. The company has more than 180,000 agents now — more than double the number when I worked at their University (KWU) in Austin TX less than 10 years ago.

Now I can;t wait to share the ideas Mega Camo has generated for me — reflecting what I’ve learned about new business directions, the latest tech tools, and refreshers on the company’s fundamentals too.

The Keller Williams transformation never ends — and never stops helping us all get better at what we do.


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