Appreciating a Great Team

I’ve been associated with Keller Williams New Bern for a little over 2 months now, and wow – what a focused, knowledgeable team surrounds me.

Administrators know their jobs well, and have cross-trained themselves to assist with needs outside their roles. Agents are friendly and dedicated in nearly every case – and they show up in the office regularly, even in today’s online world. Agent team leads are visible – they don’t hide behind their egos – despite their major business accomplishments. And, leaders act like leaders – knowledgeable, available, and helpful.

Sound dreamlike? Well it nearly is – when I compare this experience to other brokerages I’ve been associated with, mostly in other companies.

It all creates an environment that I want to be part of. My first “toe in the water” teaching experiences have been welcoming and rewarding.

OK, ok! I may sound a bit “over the top” to those who do have not experienced KW New Bern.

What I’m describing matters so much in both retention and recruiting. And this company is growing – not just in agent count, but in all-important business relationships with allied partners, in law, mortgage, insurance, and more.

Just the other day, an expanded mortgage partnership was announced by our owner. Project Mortgage will give our customers and agents expanded product choice and ever faster service from a truly local team.

Meeting and exceeding expectations is “just what we do” at Keller Williams New Bern. May it always be so!

If you want to know more, just ask by emailing me or better still, contact our Team Leader Heather Stepp


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