Tomorrow is Closer Than It Seems

Change can distort our sense of the future.RE NoAZ larger

Suddenly some key things we had assumed are no longer among our assumptions. The vacuum created made the next step in my professional life feel an uncertain and distant. I knew what I wanted, but where would it come from?

My goal — to continue teaching, coaching, and encouraging agents daily — led me to a good place.

As of this week I am a member of the Leader’s Team for what has become the #1 market share (% of total dollar volume and units sold) company in our immediate area, and also among the top-selling real estate companies in the diverse landscape Northern Arizona.

Moving forward re-energizes me — connecting with top professionals in ownership, brokerage, technology and daily agent services.

So does a measure of acceptance. While we’re always growing and improving, it’s also great to be recognized for what others believe we can can contribute right now.

Quickly the past moves away, replaced by the mission to help and support a new group of professionals. As long as there is something valuable to learn (and then apply) every day, life feels like a piece of cake.

Away, we go!


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