Time Away, and Healing

Not time off, but time away.

The change machine spit me out, and I didn’t do anything to stop it. Thank goodness.

There’s a wonderful timeless six-minute video clip from the Bob Newhart Show Bob advises a troubled client . In it, Bob the shrink, counsels someone who complains of suffering from a recurring nightmare.

If you don’t know the scene, I won’t spoil Bob’s advice for his client.

I’ve taken Bob’s advice to heart. It’s being a little hard on my partner in life to have me around more than she normally would. But everything else about this time away is positive.renewal

I am experiencing a huge sense of relief–from what? An environment that felt increasingly foreign to me. I watched teammates go through some rough professional and personal times, and I shared it all with them.

It had to stop. And so it did. What happened next? Reflection, relaxation, and renewal.

Part of it is also an amazing new rapport–a bond with my former teammates that’s indescribable. Shared experiences, where close personal ties form during very challenging times, create connections that survive. Those ties also help us renew.

In the years that we worked together, my team and I were never connected in the way we are today. We respond immediately to one another’s messages. Whether it’s a text about a professional reference, a business referral, or just time for a 1 on 1 coffee or glass of wine–we are together in an energizing new way.

Most of us have already found a new path and the rest will soon.

Someone close to the situation recently observed that what those we left behind need most is “healing, lots of healing”.

I agree, and I highly recommend the healing journey. It happens best when we just take a big step back with eyes wide open.


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