Mixing It Up, and Loving It

This is week 6 in the new gig; why am I continuing to count?

Maybe it’s because developments of the past 12 months created some sort of time warp where things moved along at a known confident pace, then suddenly slowed down a lot (involving pain, frustration and confusion), followed by a reassessment and re-energizing search, followed by a new day — surrounded by welcoming, acceptance, and opportunity.

I’m dedicating myself to my agreed priorities (with the Owner),and also making it my business to get to know as many people as possible in this real estate company of about 125 souls.

Weekly webinars on new systems, getting acquainted with the existing new agent development program, learning the expectations and styles of the rest of the leadership team, starting a recruiting program for one of our hub offices (with an old friend), outlining a new business opportunity we will offer very selectively to entrepreneurs across Northern Arizona — it’s all happening. And now too, an opportunity to coach and mentor a handful of the newest agents.

There’s nothing like being face to face, once again, with the kind of challenges I relish.

The never ending mission
The never ending mission

I even have a little client business happening too. And, there’s really no such thing as “little” client business. Clients get all th best of you when they need it. One of those times is coming right up too.

Later this week, our first classes for the new company are forming and being tested.

It is truly all good.

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