Power of Storytelling

It’s been a family tradition – and has become part of my skill set in teaching, coaching agents and advising clients and prospects.

So, a short story. My grandfather Arthur and his brother “Uncle Arnold” (who lived with us in retirement) painted indelible word pictures in my childhood. That was long before the internet and social media. But thanks to them I could “see” their growing up, their work lives, and fun they had with friends – road trips, baseball, family stories.

By the time I was 7, story telling around the family dinner table was a main course. My kid brother Pete got into it too, though he had other skills – in music. Years later, in school and college, my favorite teachers were – you guessed it – story tellers. I chose to be a history major at Colgate University – no surprise. My favs, “Doc” Reading and Bill Askew (a North Carolinian by the way) told tales of war, peace, elections, coronations, and kidnappings as seen through the eyes of the participants. Those stories helped me through many an exam.

After school and military service I became a journalist – a professional story teller. No surprise, right?

Now in my real estate career, I’ve captured the attention of students and clients with tales that capture the essence of ideas and truths they need to know to advance toward their own goals.

It has become part of who I am. and, it plays a key role in how my dear life partner, Marion, and I share. We are movie buffs – drama and comedy. And nearly every day features a story about friends and students, past and present.

It all fits, and I am grateful. Maybe you have some of this in you too. If so, tap into it!

Go for it!

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