Heroes and Friends Get It!

In my first days meeting people specifically about our HomesforHeroes.com cash bonus and discount program for community service heroes – including military, law enforcement, firefighters, EMS workers, nurses, and teachers – I’ve found a warm reception and immediate support for we would offer this very valuable help.

This initiative strikes a chord almost universally recognized – that we all owe these folks a debt we can never fully repay – for their sacrifices that benefit all of us.

It’s one thing to market the program online – which we work hard at doing, It’s another thing to stand at someone’s front door, or in a supermarket checkout line, and be so warmly received once the basics are explained.

If you are reading this blog and are not familiar with these rewards, just click on HomesforHeroes.com to learn all about them.

Just last week, we contracted on two sales and a purchase for a family who will receive about $8,000 after closing under this amazing program! So spread the word. Someone you know could be the next to benefit, and we at CoachCRealty.kw.com would love to help them get it done.

Heroes Come in All Sizes, Shapes, and Colors

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