It’s What We Do!

Just read a stat from the National Association of Realtors saying 31% of new homeowners are now first time buyers!! Wow!

That means a couple of things to me: 1) Keller Williams’ recently republished book Your First Home is now more relevant than ever, and 2) What most buyers and sellers do NOT know about what licensed agents do for them is, well…MASSIVE. It doesn’t matter whether those folks are “first timers’ or doing a real estate deal for the umpteenth time!

A few years back, my partner in Tucson AZ real estate and I decided to brainstorm and list what we did for a typical client (if typical even exists) – from first interest in buying, selling, or investing to closing their transaction.

We were stunned – the list went on for several pages, mostly essential professional activities and services clients benefit from but never “see”. We took a deep breath and then built it into our marketing – in the form of “Did You Know?” blurbs, marketing taglines, or Q and A fact sheet handouts for clients and prospects.

It goes like this:

While consumers are deciding what they want, we are researching our markets – finding what is available at what price, or what is soon to be.

While soon-to-be buyers are considering the state of their finances, we are building relationships and studying in lending classes with top providers. Which loan types are right for which buyers? What are the rates and costs? How can we give the best advice?

While prospective future homeowners are thinking over their need for services and conveniences, we are learning what new transportation, parks, schools, and retail outlets are coming, or re-opening post-pandemic.

Whie they are watching or reading mass media real estate news, we are studying (online and in person) what top experts are reporting about market trends and financing trends.

When sellers are hoping for that first offer, we are placing signs, posting on social media daily, holding open houses, knocking on neighborhood doors, and sharing our newest listings with scores of busy agents we know..

While all our clients are wanting results, we are planning and monitoring our marketing expense budgets, and continually watching for (an interviewing) talented people inside and outside our business who might be our next agent or admin superstar,

So, next time a friend, relative, or someone on the grocery checkout line sees your agent name tag or shirt and wonders why we “make all that money” – be prepared and educate. Tell them what you did today, or this week!


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