Database Wonders

If you’ve been following this blog you know I’ve been reviewing and updating all “contacts” in my iPhone. What an adventure – and a rich trip down memory lane!

It’s finally done! 1,901 items have been “shrunk” to 687 names with recent phone numbers and email addresses. It took days of focused attention. Many were businesses I’ve worked with professionally or personally. Still more were Realtors or home service providers. And if course, it covered a healthy dose of friends, family and acquaintances accumulated over the 10 years since I got my first iPhone..

What an adventure! A flood of memories came rushing back – about real estate transactions, the huge network of agent contacts from my Keller Williams University course writing and research days, and lots of other folks from the many states and towns where I’ve lived and worked (from New York to Washington state, California, Arizona, Texas and now North Carolina).

A sample of the stories that have been zipping through my mind – a top agent research contact who invited me to visit the historic home he had just purchased near Philadelphia; new agents I coached in Northern Arizona (some are very successful in their market and remain online friends even now); business and social contacts all around Tucson, AZ including agents who asked me to critique their open houses or help with contract negotiations; high school and college pals who are still in touch.

The list goes on and on. The floodgates remain open, even though the updating is done, Now the challenge is to stay current and grow the database.

I will remain so grateful for the rich life these names have brought back into focus. Maybe I’ll re-start writing that autobiography I began several years ago and never made current. I’ll let you know.

Life can be an open book!

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