My Database Is Giving Me “The Business”

Updating one’s database is really, really hard work – unless you are one of those rare animals who systematically gets it done at least a couple of times a year – or is fortunate enough to have a teammate do it for you!

I’m doing it on my own, working from my iPhone contacts. I’ve tried and failed to get this done several times lately, but now there’s no giving up! I learned long ago from Gary Keller that “your database is your business”.

There are over 1100 items in my iPhone “Contacts”. The process is simple: 1) Look at each one to determine whether it is a person you want to market to as a Realtor 2) If they’re a “keeper” enter at least their best phone number an email address in a spreadsheet that will sync with your chosen database tool – be it Command, or Brivity, or one of the any others out these. Choosing which one is critical and your team leader will have the best suggestion.

And, us e great care to avoid typos. Check and recheck accuracy when entering in the spreadsheet! Errors can mean the communication sent will fail or kick back as “unknown” and – if its someone you want – you’ll have to research their correct info on Google, or some other way.

Right now, I’m about 1/3 through my iPhone contacts and have captured about 240 names I want t keep- after 8 hours’ work. I’ve set a goal of being done, working in and around other things, a week from today. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The life of a Realtor, behind the scenes. Glamorous? Hardly. Vital? Absolutely!


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