What’s Happening This Week: Vol. 1, #1

Every week, I’ll add to this amazing story – the opportunity to help build a real estate team from scratch, working with a very successful and well-known New Bern, NC based Realtor, Dave Caccavaro! I’m numbering these posts for easy reference.

Planning and doing the plan are already underway. Here principles we’ve agreed to follow:

  1. Build a Business Plan using Keller Williams Realty tools outlined in its Business Planning Clinic
  2. Pursue a Small Number of Targeted Programs – in our marketing and operations
  3. Communicate what we offer and what we are doing to all our Contacts and Personal Networks

This blog will focus on our business strategy, and what we’re doing to make it happen. Here are rhe strategy elements:

  1. Set Big Goals based on a Plan, and Do the Plan
  2. Develop & Document Consistent Business Processes
  3. Attract Talent to the Team
  4. Sray Connected with our Contacts, Clients, and Ourselves
  5. Learn and Grow Together

You can much more at our website www.coachcrealty.com

Give us feedback any time by leaving a comment on this blogsite or by writing to rhigle@gmail.com


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