Sharing Again

There’s no more satisfying feeling – for me – than gathering with a group of agents to share learning discoveries. The first session of “Why MREA” was just that!

The group included both veteran agents and newer ones. Comments and questions emerged easily.

Some people volunteered ideas that struck at the core of Millionaire Real Estate Agent principles – one newer agent raised “standards” as a success key! Exactly right – and we’ll cover that vital piece further in Session #2.

The most experienced in the group probed about my background – how did I get the opportunity to develop courses for KWRI in Austin? I kept the story as short as I could, delighted that he wanted to know.

Session 1 zooms in on the mindset focus in the early pages of MREA. The mindset in the training room that morning was rewarding, and made me even more eager to go forward.

It’s an honor to be in front of KW New Bern people. Wednesday’s Aug 11 and 18 are next at 11am in the New Bern Training Room. Looking forward to diving in soon with the KW Crystal Coast group in Morehead City!


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