North Carolina Adventure

This week begins my new relationship with an outstanding Keller Williams brokerage, KW New Bern, North Carolina – and its partner brokerage KW Crystal Coast (Morehead City, NC).

I’m offering a three part series of classes to get started – based on The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA) by Gary Keller, the “red book”. Released in 2004, it is still the finest handbook every created to guide a agent in launching, or rebuilding, their real estate business. I’m calling the series “Why MREA!”

MREA starts at the beginning, delving onto the mindset of top agents, and following on to detail the models and systems used by the best in the business – still. The book was built the way Keller Williams built what is now the world’s most successful real estate franchising organization. It all started when Gary Keller, after launching what became the top selling brokerage in Austin, TX, decided to research and analyze his business success.

Today some 180,000 agents globally are testament to what was accomplished. I’m proud to be associated with Keller Williams again!


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