The “Conversations” Project

Its been a time to step back, and reflect on a project that first came to me four years ago. The goal: to share with my son some of my most vivid recollections from a life that he and I have spent — largely apart.

The working title is “Conversations with My Son.” I began outlining chapters on a long plane trip, and started writing in October, 2016.

It went quickly at first, then slowed when real estate coaching opportunities picked up speed.writer at work

Recently, with more time, I began to think of a new way to share what I’d done so far, and also re-energize the writing. Sheltering at home during the pandemic suddenly looked like an opportunity.

The decision — start sharing the unfinished book in chapters — with son Ben (who by now had moved to Seattle), and with the only remaining immediate family I am in touch with, nephew Alex and his spouse Shu-Chuan Chen (now in the Austin area). My Marion immediately leaped at the chance to proofread and suggest edits. Thank you Marion!

So I’ve begun sending this small family group a chapter a week, attached to a short email. At this rate, I will have sent out everything written thus far in the next 2-3 months. But setting this in motion has already inspired me to get back to my chapter outlines, and get writing again.

It feels good.

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