Confirming?…Just Do It

Pet peeve? Ok, I’m guilty. But how about you?

In the instant communication world of texts and posts that make email seem “aging” and voice mail obsolete…isn’t the value of a simple REPLY (ok, gotcha, got your message, etc.) ever more important?

How many times have your messages (not to mention attached docs) gone not acknowledged?

How are we supposed to know our answer, our requested info, our need for an appointment, a change or a reschedule gone ignored? Has our message been received?

What happens when we can’t tell… because nothing comes back! Frustration.

As a kid, someone said to me “If you have time to take a pee break, you have time to make a phone call.”

Now It’s way easier! You only need to hit one button and type “ok” or “got it” or “ I can’t; will get back asap”. Your phone will even do it for you!

When we don’t reply we create a bunch of potential negatives for the sender — feeling ignored, uncertain, confused, logistics messed up…you name it.

So, cmon…don’t leave each other in a void! It’s unnecessary and super bad manners to boot. Less confusion please. Just answer and acknowledge each other, right?

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