Welcome to a New (Old) Market

analysis blackboard board bubble
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m back in Tucson as an agent coach and Realtor. It’s been 11 years since Marion and I last lived here.

When you “come home” as we’ve done, the experience plays tricks on all your senses —  personal and business. You expect a familiar experience, and at first everything seems back “the way it was”.

But, wait. Most of your old friends and acquaintances have moved on, or away.

Streets, buildings, stores and shops mainly look the same, but there are also notable differences as you take time to absorb it. Most former business contacts have new roles, new companies, or maybe just don’t remember you. Others have just disappeared.

So, while you are not exactly a “stranger in a strange land”, as you become increasingly active and explore further, the place is more different than you thought.

I’m writing this remembering that I’ve made a lot of moves — East Coast to West, then Washington to California, then to Arizona, Texas, and finally back to Arizona. The last AZ stop was for an opportunity in a small town environment. Now we are back “home”.

Yes and no. People are friendly and open, more so than in some other places. We enjoy the climate and activities are plentiful. It’s a university town — we love that too. But there is still rebuilding to do, especially in business — new contacts, acquaintances, alliances and networks to create. Oh yes, buying a new home of our own too — we have not been renters for quite a while.

Maybe you’ve done this. There’s even more to it, but you get the idea, I trust!




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