Coaching Gold Miners

Well, we’re relocated (to Tucson) and the work goes on — the coaching, that is.

While developing a local market program here I’ve also had the opportunity to begin working with a national coaching program. They have created what I believe is a unique approach. It coaches and trains a very specific implementation program for agents and teams seeking great leaps forward — in production and profitability.

The details are proprietary. The marketing is highly focused, and the program is based on the business building experience and practices of two of the most productive agent teams in the USA, according to Market Trends data.

Working with the small coaching team, and the hands-on leaders of this program is generating a terrific flow of insights for me — into the strengths and deficiencies of fast growing and ambitious real estate teams.

The clients are a diverse bunch, but they share a common drive for success and a proven track record to date.

gold miner cartoon
Are you going for it?

The path the coach takes with each client is well-defined, but it also leads to discoveries — for the client and the coach — about the inner working of lead generation and lead management.

Not to mention teaching how to create a culture of sure-fire accountability.

Long ago,  in the West, they said “there’s gold in them thar hills”. There is for sure.

The trick is all in the mining — having the skills, tools, determination, and accountability for actions, even before results!

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