He Made Me Promise

Losing a friend is immensely difficult.

This friend was Charlie, “Black and White”. “Big Boy” were his nicknames.

the charlie look

His Mom announced his given name when he was a shi’tzu puppy, just arrived from a happy litter of black and white brothers and sisters in Tucson, at a private home not far from ours. He was named “Charles Winston Radow-Higle I (the first)”.

Charlie was, from day one, a lover and a steady strong partner. We would often say, “when he looks at us, he stares into our souls.” We often described him to others as our “soul dog.”

Losing him is being oh so difficult. The last time Marion and I saw him he was suffering from unforeseen complications from a surgery to remove a very operable tumor.

A day after his operation, we were being told, “We’re losing him quickly; we’re so sorry”. The doctors and staff at the pet hospital next door to the Arizona Oncology practice in Gilbert, AZ were doing everything they could. We rushed to see him while there was still time.

Before he departed, I looked into those wonderful black eyes and received a message. “Give love, and care for yourself, Dad, so you can be there for the ones you love.”

And that’s my commitment to Charlie. I’ve never felt more focused on any piece of advice.










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