A Second Anniversary

Just the other day, I had left my former brokerage that was near an unfortunate collapse, and looking to make a big life choice. My passion had become teaching and coaching real estate agents. Marion and I preferred not to relocate – we’d had enough of that after Tucson, Austin, Tempe, and Prescott in four years’ time.

Then a professional friend introduced me to the owner of the top market share company in the region. He was interested in an innovative, common sense way to bring a select group of new Realtors into his firm. His company had traditionally focused on attracting only proven, experienced people.

RENA Logo New

Working with a former high school teacher and now associate broker, he was developing a way to break the mold.

In 15 plus years in real estate, I’d always wondered about the owner/broker business plan that seemed to be everywhere – recruit to an ever-growing “number of agents” goal. I lived and worked on companies like that — large and not so large — “survival of the fittest” cultures that praised success but shined very little light on how to be successful.

It’s been two rewarding years since I cast my lot with that owner, his outstanding managing broker, and that former teacher turned wise Realtor. success track logo half size

Together we have created, and continue to improve, a program that’s helping (hands on) a select group of new licensees to become truly successful agents, with career path choices and enough income to re-invest in their futures.

The program combines instruction (with Continuing Education credit built-in) and weekly one-on-one coaching in lead generation, property valuation, marketing, and transaction support and more. We make a one year commitment to them, so long as they commit and act to build their business toward a written goal.

To date, a dozen new Realtors have been born into the prospect of real success; more are coming behind them. The people in the program support one another. They get into productive business sooner rather than later. Their transactions rarely fail. And they willingly give testimonials to others — new licensees and agents they meet in their own deals — about the value of the first year experience they’ve had with us.

I could not be more pleased for them and for me. We’re creating a “learn while you earn journey — for all of us.


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