They’re So Great!

Just today, I’ve learned what a few of my coaching clients are doing to launch their careers:

  • J has started her website, learned the monthly customer email system with me, and pledged to get all her sphere of influence (a little over 100 names) loaded in the database tool by next week. And oh by the way, she;s had he first buyer closing and those buyers are looking for more investments locally; and she has 4 other buyers in tow looking at various neighborhoods ranging from $400k to $600k. She met most of these folks on floor time — once you see and hear J you’ll always remember her (advantage J)!
  • Three sides of business on your first transaction? Yes K is doing it — sold his first listing to a sign call Buyer, and the sellers registered with him at a growing local cropped-success-track-logo-half-size1.jpgsubdivision and they’ve already purchased. Now, K is working on a lead through his church who has an older home to sell — with a sensational view near a busy highway (for K’s for sale sign). He’s gonna get it, because he’s handling relations with the elderly seller and seller’s family in just the right way. And, during our session, K also showed me the free email program he’s using in a very clever way to get contact replies that he can cultivate.
  • And Mr. L is showing great prowess as a marketing planner and strategist. After exploring several options and investing in one, he;s now shifted gears to a 2-pronged attack that will go after 2 of the best targets I know — 1) inbound “Valley of the Sun” people, and 2) first time buyers. And, oh yes, news today was of “very interested” buyers for L’s first listing (healthy price tag, great neighborhood, but with some unique floor plan features meant only for a select few)!

Coaching these “Success Track” people, and a dozen more like them, is rewarding every day. I think I’ve found my “One Thing” — helping others succeed. Thanks Gary and Jay (you know who you are)!


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