Leverage in Coaching…Beyond Numbers

Our program, “Success Track” is now 2 years old. Our founder, Deb Opitz, should be especially proud to celebrate this anniversary — and I am ever so pleased to have joined her 18 months ago.

To date, 25 new agents have been in the program —  6 have graduated (completed their minimum number of transactions with us) and 6 more will do so soon. More than $400,000 in commissions have been earned and more than $5 million in real estate sold in our very modest (median price around $250K) market.

New members are joining at a rate of 2-3 per month — a modest rate, and that’s how we like it. Our program demands serious accountability from our members. Not everyone with a new real estate license want to take that on, we’ve learned.

However the rewards for the coach are about way more than numbers. Our series of ten 3- hour classes now recycles continuously. Now everyone in the program is invited to attend and repeat classes as they wish. This is adding lots of value for the newest members — and giving the more experienced a chance to show their peers what they’ve learned.stock-vector-business-person-helping-red-symbol-over-rough-spot-of-loss-to-grow-to-profit-73551511

This is when a coaching program can really take off! People are seeing each other out for advice, not just seeing out their coaches. They’re learning what is working in lead generation.

Most of all, they’re sharing “rubber meets the road” experiences with buyers, sellers, lenders, inspectors, escrow officers, appraisers — and more.

And, in the process, the “teacher becomes the student” too. Our weekly one hour coaching meetings are increasingly becoming a two-way street. What could be better!






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