First Closings

Talk about “payoff”!

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing first closings this past week for two members of our Success Track new licensee training and mentoring program. And there are two more coming in the next 10 days.

Most in this “newest” group have only been in the business 4 months. Many started in a pretty typical mode — lots of enthusiasm, eager to learn, with less money saved toward costs than they should have, and growing anxiousness as they discovered what ‘real world real estate’ is all about.

These two people’s experiences represented opposite poles on the spectrum of new agents’ first tests.

One was attending a Success Track class while also signed up for floor time. A walk in came by during class. He immediately excused himself from class, met the lead, and converted him to a buyer client that same day.

Better yet, the buyer turned out to be a cash buyer with a modest price point but very specific needs in a small home in the immediate area.

They found the right home in two weeks, opened escrow, and survived a couple of small bumps including an “as is addendum” from the seller. With a simple coaching the agent knew his client could still inspect and request repairs under “as is”. They ended up with two important fixes and a home warranty too–a very satisfied first client. They closed in less than 30 days.

The other agent had been driving harder and harder at building a contact database and working it. I often saw her, laptop  open and headset on, introducing herself and reaching out again and again. And doing plenty of floor time. That was her chosen lead gen path.

Heartache and financial pressure were growing. Doing the right thing is no guarantee of early success. The one day came the call from her. “I’m writing an offer..well actually I’m writing two offers”. First rewards come when least expected!

In Success Track there’s always peer and mentor support.

One buyer was local, the other was from another state. Both have been well served. Paperwork has been juggled, corrected, and after quite a few coaching and broker calls the out-of-state buyer’s deal is done. The second buyer’s is well on its way to closing, after appraisal delays forced closing with a post possession agreement.

What I’ve felt with both agents is a jump-start of confidence that I know will carry both of them to more and more success. They’re both walking and talking differently! Proud does not begin to describe how I feel.


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