CRM Power

Ok, so I am just now really “getting it” about truly powerful contacting? Why invest your valuable time, and likely money too, in something with minimal impact?

Step 1: Talk with powerful lead generators…duh!

Step 2: Listen carefully to what they are advocating, from what they have learned about all the things that don’t work..and the few that seem to make contact happen.making contact classical style

Here’s ONE powerful message. The bulk of real estate CRM style contacting systems offer options for information pieces (templates) that will not grab the attention of your audience.

How to learn what will? I am joust going to dive in the pool. Online I’ve seen many CRM promotions. Once upon a time I even dipped a toe in one (Infusionsoft) and found it far too overpowered for what I believe most real estate agents can benefit from anytime soon in their careers.

I am frustrated on newer agents behalf — the ones who truly want to succeed and broaden their contact base swiftly and steadily.

So, I’ve chosen and CRM that looks promising. I will start learning to use it. My premise: if I can do it anyone can do it.

We’ll see and I’ll keep you posted. What works, what does not — just for me. I wont leave you hanging. Either something good will be discovered, or not. OK, 1-2-3 Go!




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