Phases: The Run-Up to Success

My partner and I are currently training and coaching 20 new agents with less than one year of experience.

We know everyone will not make it in this career, but we’re determined to help this group beat the odds — to give all the best possible chance to succeed.

For them, in the beginning, comes raw enthusiasm and big curiosity.

Then it’s tempered, realizing the magnitude of what’s out there to learn.

Next comes the “aha” that being learning based, or discovering that trait in yourself and growing it can be very rewarding. At first, with few if any business leads, the rewards will be intrinsic only.

But then, something happens. Contact!

The other day one of the group asked to meet with me asap, “I just met and started qualifying my first buyer. Working with a real lead with real needs and a timetable changes everything — fast. Things we’ve been learning about the market and the process of buying and selling just snap into focus!”

That says it all. In my shoes, you wish this would happen for everyone early and often. It might, but probably not — until the new people learn they must get in the path of business and stay there — to meet people who want to buy or sell, or know someone who does.

Open house with sparse attendance; floor time with no visitors; doors knocked and not answered — it all happens. There is no magic except through persistence. And when results come, frustration fades fast!

Oh by the way, that agent who met her first buyer on floor time met another the next day. A new phase is beginning for her. The energy in her eyes and her smile says it all.

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