Your “Success List”

Working with our newest agents is demanding and gratifying.

The greatest challenge from and instructor and coach’s perspective is very much like the challenge the agents themselves face.

What matters most? What should be the focus of our instruction in their first few months? Now, you smart ones all now the answer I think — from the agent perspective.

Here’s a clue. Ask any experienced and reasonably successful agent — one in growth mode — and they will go with one of two answers:

  1. I would have spent more time on my lead generation instead of being distracted by so many other interesting looking, intriguing and costly to do’s.
  2. Assuming I charged hard on lead generation, I should have assumed success and started scanning early for some administrative help — perhaps someone whose time I could share with another agent like me — to keep e focused on customer service and lead generation!

Last week I took a bit of a chance and offered a two-hour introduction to “The ONE Thing.”

With all the focus we’re putting on, well — focus — it felt like the right thing to do.

Attendance was great. The conference room was packed. We’ll see what feedback comes later but it felt like the right thing to do. I did not present the overview (of the first half of the book) with a real estate context. There’ll be followup discussions in small groups and 1-1.

“The ONE Thing” presents a powerful set of premises and prods to lead a real estate reader toward a stark conclusion. tot_book_sidebar

To start your success sequence for your business, spend serious uninterrupted time daily on your lead generation. Without leads to convert, you have no business.

The book urges you to turn away from a “to do list” and use the “qualifying question” to help compress it into a much, much shorter “success list”.

“What is the one thing I can do such that doing it makes everything else easier or unnecessary?”

Hint: Is lead generation at the top of your business success list?











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