What Growth Looks Like

Sounds interesting. What’s this short article really about?

My favorite answer is in play here. I love learning, and I want to learn faster, and to do more good faster — for others and for me.

In my work I learn the most in two ways: 1) teaching/coaching and 2) collaborating. What’s happening in those worlds lately? I want to share the answers I’m experiencing in hopes that it might be of interest and help you too.

Does that sound selfish? It’s not my intention. What I’ve learned from some accomplished authors is that by writing down their experiences and observations they gain understanding — of what they know now, and where to go and what to do.next.

What am I seeing now my world?

First, in Teaching/Coaching – There’s a small group of new real estate agents I with with weekly. They all have their feet in the water of real estate. We’ve been working together for about 4 months now.

Here’s a thought — not original, in fact I heard it on a webinar today. “Opportunity lies on the other side of fear.”Oppportunity Fear

This is at the core of what I am experiencing with my “newbies”. Oh, and I promise I will not use that term again. They’re not new so quickly!

They are starting in a business where one of the first lessons is, “Very little of what I learned (and paid for) to get my license has anything to do with what I’m finding I must do now”. That’s a great fear creator.

The best solution I’m finding is — focus on having a lot of experiences on ONE category. Meet people. Tell them that you want to help people like them–and people they know–buy or sell real estate. It seems to be working for us.

Get their contact information. Offer to send everyone you talk with information about my “Big Two” — how to buy or sell and what the market looks like. These are things you are paid a commission to know.

Our business is a chat-based business. Chat with people every day about this. Add their names to your contact list. Have a way to contact them, preferably email and a phone number. Keep doing it. Never stop. The good news is social media and smart phones have given us all “constant chat” capability, so use it! Share results with your fellow beginners.

My learning team knows now they are not alone. We share challenges, fears, and overcoming both. This is human support in action. It’s social, sometimes revealing, and almost always fun!

Second, in Collaborating – Today a fellow leadership team member spent 45 minutes with me working on a proposal for how to involve more people in guiding our company. Great assignment, and we think a good proposal will come from what we did today.

Collaboration is an energizing and friendly activity. Sharing opinions about how to focus on accomplishing something agreed to be important — in business or in life — is rewarding by definition. Collaborating with someone, or someones, who share goals with you never fails to be productive.

Final thought. I’m reading about extensive work Google is doing as a company to learn how to help work teams be productive.

For me that’s so closely tied to what I’m calling “growth” here that I promise to share more next time (when I’ve finished and re-read the article).

Maybe we’re onto a series of articles that I’ll post. Hope you’ll want to read more.
























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