Attracting the Next Stars

My latest challenge — helping build a program of learning and business development to attract a next generation of star performers to the #1 market share company in our part of our state.

Northern Arizona is our territory and it spans a geographic area nearly the size of the smallest New England states — with only a tiny fraction of their population. It also encompasses some of the most beautiful scenery, natural wonders, and other tourist attractions anywhere in America. Our area continues to be one of the places in the Western U.S. where our visitors become retired residents or second home owners.

In our company we’re stepping up to the challenge presented by an aging demographic — our agent mix mirrors our population. To keep our business vital and growing for years to come, we must purposefully attract new and newer agents who will become market leaders alongside the veterans we have today.renewal

One answer — a program we call “Success Track”. We’re developing a core curriculum in real estate sales modeled on the best education and coaching anywhere. And we’re recruiting to it, through our area’s real estate schools but also to newcomers to the business across our region in all companies — and of course with the help of our own agents.

One of the most glaring weaknesses of our industry has always been the mismatch between what licensing classes teach (to pass state exams) and what the real real estate business demands.

“Success Track” is designed to close that gap — through a mix of classroom and real world small group experiences, plus 1 on 1 mentoring in actual transactions.

And all this is largely company paid. Two full time faculty are involved and we’ll be adding part time instructors to the mix–and some additional (34)

However, we are purposefully limiting the capacity of the program. Participation and production requirements are in play — as is recognition through quarterly financial incentive awards to select participants.

I’ll keep you posted here on our progress!




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