More Communication, Part 2

When a truly “hot” issue in front of a company, or any organization, leaders and members’ instincts are challenged.

This is when whatever communication systems and best practices are in place are put to the test. Here are some good questions to ask yourself about communication in your organization. Of course we expect readers here to be mainly from the real estate brokerage world, but having said that, start here–however large or small your “organization” is:

  • SPEED: Do you have a system in place to reach everyone quickly when needed?
  • RELIABILITY: Is your system effective — meaning what assurance do you have that your message will be seen and or heard by the vast majority of your target audience?
  • CREDIBILITY: Now here’s a tough one — are you, the source, credible? Do you work all the time at maintaining believability? Do you communicate often and with predictable frequency? Do you act like you understand people’s need to know–and that “when” they need to know isn’t always something you can control?
  • IS YOURS A 2 WAY WORLD: Do you regularly collect feedback, formally and informally, about your communication environment — and act on what you hear?

I’ve experienced these issues in organizations of almost every size you can imagine — from a handful of people working in one town, to tens of thousands working worldwide.

It’s been a privilege to have those experiences–and to be in the middle of accountability for the systems and content of messages.

Bottom line? Quality communication never gets easier. It takes vigilance, persistence, and a willingness to be open and honest about “how it’s going”.

And, it always starts with fostering this intention — “seek first to understand”.


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