More Communication?

In a real estate company — where 95% of everyone is an independent contractor, not an employee?

Well, more is being written about this, but the truth is the most successful real estate franchises and independents these days are ones that emphasize communication to and among agents they way the best business organizations of any kind do it.

Believe it! In the past 6 months, major articles on the subject have been published by US News and World Report, and leading industry outlets (National Association of Realtors) and Inman News.

To find these articles just Google “communication in real estate companies”.

Our company, Keller Williams Check Realty, is an atypical franchise in that we operate out of five physical locations that cover membership in four different local realtor associations and four MLSs. There are more than 125 of us who need to “stay in the boat” about what’s happening in our company — about finance, education, staff roles and responsibilities, recognition of agent accomplishments and much more.

We’ve run what we call our “All Partners Meeting” once a month for years–90 minutes of education, recognition, and messaging. Now we are adding open “town hall style” session at our three largest offices for the three weeks of each month when the All Partners session is not happening.communication

And, our practice now is to make all these sessions available on an online webinar service–so those who cannot attend can watch and listen from anywhere.

Is all this a good thing? We’ll share our experiences here–and trust that many will benefit from hearing what works–and does not–for us.


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