Building Business Leverage

Since returning from the oh-so-memorable “France vacation” June 1, I’ve been actively engaged (putting it mildly) with our company leadership team of 4 others in forming business action plans and building online-based systems to support those plans.

That’s a mouthful, right? What am I saying? What am I/are we doing?

photo (33)
Crunching how to’s and numbers weekly.

I will spare you the details except to say we are working very purposefully¬†together to leverage all of our precious time in far better ways–to increase agent productivity, hire talent, and grow our profitability!

The biggest challenge–helping our associates (real estate agents) understand 1) why we are less available to them 2) why making an appointment is the most helpful way to communicate.

Leverage = path to growth and profit.

This is not real estate office “normal behavior”. It would be akin to a sports coach telling their players “I’ll only be at practice once a week; I will give you detailed instructions on how what to practice, but I’m trusting you all to help each other; the most experienced players will need to coach their teammates more for a while. I’m planning to take our program to the next level of achievement–consistently vying for the state championship”

Hiring key new talent will be a big first step toward a better run, more productive business. Then will come a smoother, seamless intake system for new agents. Then, a revitalized learning curriculum, mentoring that works for many, and much more.

These are exciting times. We’ve joined hands to make ready. Our future will surely reward a tremendous, quality-assured effort! Onward, right Gary Keller?


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