Mentoring: Week 2 Plus

After much thought and research with others in our company–and other companies–we launched a “pilot” mentoring program about 3 weeks ago with a group of 3 agents.

1393020626_tmp_KWCR_Mentoring_ID They signed up for a mentoring commitment that extends a maximum of 6 months, or through their first 3 closed sales, or 2 closed sales and one active listing, or 1 closed sale and 2 active listings. I’m to be their guide.

More than a dozen new and newer agents came to orientation sessions intended to let agents know about program requirements and costs. These three raised their hands and signed on.stock-vector-business-person-helping-red-symbol-over-rough-spot-of-loss-to-grow-to-profit-73551511

What have I learned already? There’s a real connection between a willingness to truly commit to growth, and very personal motivation that pre-exists that commitment!

In the first two “official” weeks of the program, all three of these agents have one or more live leads that will almost certainly turn into either a buyer sale or a listing. Some have several quality leads. And they’re demonstrating little fear of prospecting to win more leads soon.

We’re at the very beginning of checking off a more than a dozen specific agent skills they need to show accomplishment in–to complete the program–but I can already feel their excitement and energy.

This is gonna be fun–for all of us!

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