Before Mentoring

You’re a learning-based person and teacher. You mention something about the possibility of mentoring in your company and people react with “yes!” and “when?” Now, there’s opportunity!

There very little new under the sun. Mentoring has been around since ancient Greece..maybe longer. More than long enough for most people to conjure up a mental picture, and a feeling, when they hear “the m word”.

It’s all about the details, right? If people think they want “it” because it has a positive ring to it, and because they know they need help and support to do a good job, or a better job, that’s a beginning.

Then what? I’m thinking in this company we have a huge head start at answering the question about the details. It’s called “leads, listings, leverage”–how to build a business plan around them using proven models.

photo (33)
Team Leader Jorge reviewing plan on big screen.

Sounds like this will be both hard work and good fun!

We local leaders have outlined a strategy, and a plan with some structure. We’re going for it. We’ve learned from others, and we’ve got our own ideas too. Time to dive into the pool with a small group pilot program.

photo (34)
Leadership team mentoring meeting.

The “servant heart” is hard at work.

We’re feeling like we have a great opportunity to provide a new and better form of help. With basic goals, a map, and great tools, we think we can make a new kind of difference for our associates.

We’re off!

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