Author, author!

This writer is thinking seriously about really writing.

Reconnecting with my son, especially this year, plus recent losses of very good long time friends, and attending a 50th high school reunion — all have all fed into a growing desire to write down at least major portions of my own story.

Ben with us during his AZ visit.

Every time I share a tale from my life, Marion always praises the storytelling–and I remind her that whatever story skills I have are gifts from my Great Uncle Arnold.

He was born in Manhattan, spent his young adult years hanging out around Coney Island in Brooklyn, and became a huge baseball fan. When “Unc” came to live with us after my grandparents died, my brother and I spent countless afternoons after school captivated by Unc’s tales of city life and history, baseball, and even lessons learned as a gardener (yes, really!–in his own retirement he left the city to help care for his brother’s retirement farm property in the far northern NY suburbs.) 

But, back to our story.

On the plane ride east to the high school reunion, I took the bull by the horns and outlined the chapters, and was amazed how easily it flowed for me. I have an outline that I can follow. I have reviewed it quite a few times and found only a few things missing. That, of course, will change when the real writing begins.

Historic main street of Bedford Village, NY–my hometown, taken Reunion Weekend.

I’ve also had the benefit of a few tips from an accomplished writer/editor friend. What he shared made plenty of sense. For me, it also marked my first support from a true pro in the writing business.

My next stop, prompted by the writer/editor’s emails–the Web where I’ve been getting acquainted with some great apps and other software that are built to help dictate, organize, and create text from the spoken word.

What lies right around the corner? Starting–typically every writer’s biggest challenge.

I have a few days off ahead of me. Let’s see what happens. I am excited to begin and will let you know how it goes. If the next message doesn’t come soon, just know that I’m doing what writers do–working to get far enough so I know I have something to say!

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