“Livin’ the Dream”

We all use this joke line from time to time…”How’s it goin’ ?” someone will ask. “Livin’ the dream” is our sometimes cynical answer.

But, what if you really are doing just that?

Forgive a little self-indulgence here, but it’s what I am feeling these days. And now something new has been added. A good business friend and longtime network member who also owns a franchise in another state has invited me to come teach at their offices.

No forgiveness--a sign of real positive change?
Sometimes “signs” just show up.

OK, I’m going to use the much abused phrase “I’m excited”  because I truly am. If you have followed this blog at all, or know me at all, you’ve long since figured out that learning, and sharing what I’m learning through teaching is “my ONE thing.”

Yes, Gary Keller, it’s true. I think I have found my calling.  Talk with me more after this next trip. Watch this space and I’ll let you know.

I”ll be doing two things in a few days: 1) an in-house class from our IGNITE series..real estate fundamentals the KW way 2) an original presentation/open mike chat for KW and guests about my experiences so far with education in real estate..from pre-KW and KW agent days, Austin, TX KWRI course writer days, and now leading, coaching and teaching agents in a busy, profitable real estate office with #1 market share in our large territory.

Bring it on! I can’t wait to learn what’s waiting for me.



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