This Place is Rockin’!

Hear that “rockin'” expression a lot, don’t cha?

To be truthful, it had been tossed in my personal trash bin with other most abused/overused expressions like “awesome”. Maybe it’s a writer’s issue. Now, I’m using the term in spite of myself.

Why? After a slowish winter filled with training, lead generation, and grinding on fewer deals than we’d like–our agents’ part. Market conditions were looking positive, but we weren’t feeling results the way we’d all like.

Then, suddenly it felt like persistence started paying off, big time. I know real estate is a never-ending continuum of activity–lead generation, closing business, lead generation, etc. I know some also believe in “seasonality”. We do not.

However, this spring our productivity growth has felt way above average. Contracts are well up. Listings are way up.

Now the performance data from our regional managers is in..and the results are nothing short of, well, awesome! The region’s bottom line is moving up smartly–and we are more than playing our part.In both dollar volume, contracts written, and closed sales for the most recent month (May, 2013) we ranked in the top 3-5 of the more than two dozen. Who topped our results? With one exception, only offices that operate in metro areas many times our

The net inflow of new agents to our company is growing too–a sign of good heath.

There are more than two dozen franchises in our Arizona/Nevada territory (called “Southwest by the parent company).

In addition, class attendance is moving up. Training is being moved out into our other locations–both in online “meeting” sessions and through visits by trainers. Our Productivity Coach is booked solid. More agents are joining our local teaching faculty. And, more agents are taking time to polish their skills with technology tools.

Unplugged in 2013, and beyond!
Unplugged in 2013, and beyond!

We’re also offering monthly “Real Estate Unplugged” events that rotate through our three major population centers (Prescott, Sedona, and Flagstaff AZ) bring national trainers into our often bypassed territory. Thanks to “Unplugged”, Northern Arizona agents are getting learning and interaction with top experts that they otherwise would have to travel hundreds of miles to experience.

We know how hard we are working to grow better, and bigger in our markets. It’s great to feel hard work paying off in income and, more importantly, profit.

Next time I run onto something here that feels like it’s not working (yet), I will definitely stop to remember what is working! It’s a great feeling.

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