“Real Estate Unplugged”

New ventures in growth are challenging, in all the right ways! At the beginning of 2013 we asked ourselves, “can we attract the best real estate teachers we know to our Northern AZ territory and share them with other Realtors, brokers, and the public in a magnetic way?

Our goal: bring world-class real estate education to our area–a great place to live and work that’s definitely considered outside the Phoenix metro “mainstream”.

It’s not easily done, turns out.

Unplugged in 2013, and beyond!
Unplugged in 2013, and beyond!

For one thing, our territory is huge..extending from just north of metro Phoenix to the Grand Canyon..bigger than some New England states! We have three principal towns with offices, Prescott, Sedona and Flagstaff–and areas in between including Cottonwood, Verde Valley, Chino Valley, and Prescott Valley. And, there are more.

Second factor: Real estate companies who put forth major initiatives like our “Unplugged” event are always suspected of “recruiting”–enticing agents to pay for a meeting that turns out to be a selling event designed to get them to change brokers. Not out agenda, but the proof would come only in the doing.

Finally, reaching out and touching about 2000 real estate agents and brokers in our areas through today’s normal means…calls, emails, social media would have us competing against  the roar of messaging that batters real estate people hourly. Ultimately, word of mouth among leaders in our business would play a big part. We needed to deliver great experiences for attendees. People needed to walk away with tangible, proven advice and working tools to insert in their own businesses.

We’ve done three of these events now since early February–topics including customer service, leveraging the help and services of others to grow, and how to interpret real estate markets to consumers, whether buyers, sellers, or the general public.

Denny Grimes in Sedona

Attendance has been decent, but not great–yet. But the “buzz” we wanted is happening now. People are saying, “I’ll be there next time” or “I heard what you’re doing–it’s different and in a good way; count me in.” Our own agents who attend are telling everyone they know, “don’t miss this; opportunities to hear national speakers in this part of the world are rare!”

Thus far, featured presenters have been:

  • Joann and Joseph Callaway of Phoenix, among the biggest selling agents in America and authors of a New York Times best-selling business book. “Client Service: The Two Word Miracle”
  • Real estate entrepreneur Alison Bechtel, CEO of five companies and also mother of five young children
  • Florida mega agent Denny Grimes, a veteran of one of America’s most devastated real estate markets and a wizard of market analysis insight for agents and their clients
Alison Bechtel's all about leverage.
Alison Bechtel’s all about leverage.

These events are about more than “hearing a speaker”. We spend at least half of the 180 scheduled 180 minutes opening the floor to any and all questions from attendees. The give and take has been eye-opening, stimulating. It’s bringing out the best on our speakers and our audiences!

In June, July and August our educational tour will be making its second visits to our major communities. Now, we’re truly excited about what we know will happen when “Real Estate Unplugged” comes to town.

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