“IGNITE-ing” Growth

If you’re a gardener, you love to watch things grow. So, I guess I am one.

In a few days, we’ll kick off the third six week cycle of Keller Williams Realty’s foundation-setting real estate course, IGNITE.

From eager and anxious beginning (as a co-author, teaching what I helped to create for real estate agents across the company) we’re changing and growing the program.

This time around, two other local agents will join as faculty to teach a total of four sessions between them..and a third agent may make a last minute entrance as well.

One of the newest instructors simply emailed me said “Let’s meet; I want a teaching assignment”. Another who did the same thing 2 months ago is now handling up to 3 sessions every cycle of IGNITE.

On other new development–graduates of the last IGNITE group are gladly offering video testimonials to spur others to get involved and grow their businesses. People are stopping me in the hall and asking, “Hey, what’s coming up soon in IGNITE?”

We’re also leaning on the program more and more in recruiting. My Team Leader partner Jorge and I visited a local licensing class two weeks ago and now one of those people has called to invite themselves to the next IGNITE kickoff. IGNITE also helped me recruit 2 agents from that same school’s previous licensing group. Both of them graduated from IGNITE in February and both are on their second sales transactions in their first 45 days out of class!

Another graduate, one with more personal resources than most new agents–because his prior business connections and success in town–has already started a team with an old friend in sales. They’ve hired their first two people and have 9 listings in hand in their first six weeks!

I just cant wait to see what the next group catapult themselves into doing.

This is what it’s all about for me–planting seeds and watching them sprout. And coaching them along the way. It’s the stuff that gets you up every morning wImageith a sense of renewal and possibility.

Searching for a new kind of meaning in your day? Try some gardening. It may be just right for you too.


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