Near Miss

Traffic lightsThis morning, walking for the city parking garage to my office, I was struck a glancing blow by a car turning through the cross walk..and yes, I was walking with the light!

There’s a lot I could say about what happened and the things that flashed through my mind. Good news is I’m OK, though following up with my doctor and chiropractor to make sure the knee ligament injury I’m recovering from, and my replaced hip from 2011 were not damaged. So far, so good.

The driver that hit me stopped, we exchanged information, and several passers by rushed into the street to make sure I was OK. I sat in the crosswalk checking myself out, and realizing I was apparently OK, started saying “thank you” to any and all who came to help and watch over me.

I was very lucky. But my thoughts an hour later now connecting to things I heard yesterday on Inauguration Day..about what “we, as citizens” can do to help one another toward a better life. Most people are fundamentally responsible and interested to help others, Lots of that happened for me this morning, and it happened in a flash.

There is so much power in us, as individuals and as people pulling very much power. My dream is to see us pulling together more and pulling apart less, as we go forward. We are moving ahead together on this planet, whether we believe it or not. Why not act like it?


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