Out of 12, Into 13

It’s been too long since I’ve written here. I’ve missed this, however my excuse is a valid one (I think!). I have been immersed in learning a new business team and a vast new business territory–one that spans most of Northern Arizona. It may be the largest franchise territory in the US portion of Keller Williams.

So much has changed for Marion and me in the second half of 2012:

A new business family..130 of the hardest working and best-leveraged real estate agents around..they were 50 or so when they joined KW a few years ago. Now we have accelerated growth..we might double this year..or grow more than that.

KWCRWe’re embracing education the KW way, and with a generous dose of help from others in the KW family from all across N America.

We’re into our third cycle if the foundational real estate learning series IGNITE in a couple of weeks. Every repetition adds new features and new value, This time several agents have committed to join in teaching regularly. I’m delighted to have their support.

Site of Our Dec EventWe’re treating our territory like a “region” harnessing help from outside experts to book the best instructors we can find for an amazing array of new events for the coming year.

Masterminding is at the core of personal growth in our business and we will sponsor a series of masterminds across our region in 2013..open to all in the real estate communities we serve.

Marion and I have found our new home and new friends..and this is just the beginning. We can feel it all around us..a sense of belonging. And we even get to see Marion;s side of the family once in a while. Great!

We’re enjoying being in this part of America again..visiting Las Vegas (twice), Laughlin, and San Diego in the last several months. Cancun lies ahead (for a very special wedding).

Marion has embarked on an art student’s career with Territorial Courthouse, Prescotta great teacher..our home is suddenly filled with watercolors.

The view out our living room window looks to the San Francisco Peaks 75 miles north. In the foreground is our municipal airport and the home of a nationally known flight school. Maybe this is where I will realize that goal too–to learn to fly.

So, welcome 2013. It will be a year of learning and growth, and of giving back. What could be better?


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