Coaching: The Way (with apologies to the Estevez Family)

It’s been a while since I blogged…in fact I haven’t since leaving Austin, TX and heading back into the local world of real estate (as opposed to the global world of KWRI.)

Whatever I know about coaching I learned from two sources: 1) some great mentors in my academic life (Go ‘Gate!) 2) professional friends who’ve shared the benefit of their experience in a focused way–and who always make sure I knew I was the one accountable for the result.

In Austin, and through the network I built while there, I was very fortunate to find professional friends and acquaintances who understand and practice coaching at the highest level. I won’t drop their names here, but when we get to know one another a little better, I’ll happily share. If you know anything about real estate, as practiced in Keller Williams, you’ll probably be impressed.

Becoming a teacher and coach is something I’ve naturally gravitated toward since I was, well, since I was rooting for the Mets in the days before Shea Stadium (which isn’t there anymore!) Friends, family, classmates, workplace buddies–a long list of them said “someday you’ll teach and’s who you are.”

Now is that time.

Success in real estate is, thank you Dianna Kokoszka, “simple, not easy.” The simple parts you can definitely learn. The hard part is practicing them every day, consistently, unfailingly–internalizing and refining them. This requires something Gary Keller identified long ago–a ‘big why’, powerful motivation to power your drive and commitment.

If this is sounding like a scary formula, don’t leap to that conclusion. You can do it. Many have. I told a coaching candidate today that, amazingly, the very best real estate agents I know say they started with little knowledge and no special advantage–except the willingness, or need, to work hard–and the belief that they could find a way to succeed.

Every one of them has told me of one or more key coaches they worked with along the way to big wins. Coincidence? No.

Why? Well, real estate, especially early in a career, can be a pretty lonely and frustrating business, Who do you know? Do you know what to say to the people you do know? Do you know how to find more people to talk real estate with? How do you know if you are making any real progress? Was that first listing or sale a happy accident, or did you do something to win it that you can repeat over and over to have as much business as you want?

Who can help you see where you are, whether you are following best practices, and whether you are getting the most you can from your hard work? What are your goals? How did you decide they were your goals? Are you using proven standards to measure your progress?

These are all questions a good coach can help you explore, find answers to, and move yourself forward to results you own completely.

What I wish for you is what every coach I know always preaches to me–get proactive. Take a step for you.     Find a qualified sounding board and mentor, If you do, a couple of things may happen. You may decide real estate is really not the business you thought it to be. You may decide to step away. Or, you may unlock codes you can dial up to create consistent results that make you glad you chose this career.

Whether you are new to real estate or want to re-energize your business–either way, why would you not choose to find out what coaching can do for you?

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