Why do this–blog, I mean!

This is the beginning of a new adventure. In past career lifetimes, my work has always seemed of interest only to a relatively narrow band of people–a target market segment of customers, my friends and family, and my immediate co-workers.

Being at the heart of an amazing real estate franchise enterprise is an entirely different experience than any that have come before, for me. I’m not here to plug my company in any way–it doesn’t need my help, at least not to promote itself. Our agents promote themselves and succeed with an ever-growing number of real estate buyers and sellers across the US and Canada.

It is its own reward. The fact that the firm is currently the only profitable one among its competitors also speaks for itself.

Why am I here? Because the real estate agents I am getting to know across North America inspire me–because of what they do, how they do it, and who they do it for–you and me.

In the past 18 months, my education role  has been mainly focused on working with and on behalf of our agents who deal in bank owned foreclosures or short sales–and those sales represent around 40% of all residential property that changes hands in this county these days.

It’s an emotionally arresting reality, and represents a degree of financial devastation not seen in America since the 1930s. Growing close to the people who do this business has given me an up-close view of what it takes to do the job. It also continues to push my face up against a window that looks out on a sea of properties and Americans in distress.

There are things I want to share–about how all this is impacting me. Sharing my experiences is a bit of a cleansing exercise, I admit. But I also trust doing it may provide some interesting reading for some tiny portion the huge universe of homeowners, home buyers, real estate agents, bankers, asset managers, government employees (at every level) and more–all of whom own a share of what’s happening in real estate in America today.

These will be the private views of one person, in one place, at one truly amazing time in real estate. They in now way represent the views of my employer.

I’m making a commitment to post once a week. More often might be better, but one thing I learned a while back is to underpromise and over deliver.

Stay tuned, and write back.

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